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Having started with a creative idea by a romantic wanting a sentimental one-day-only interior design surprise for his long distance girlfriend's visit, Annie designs simple to elaborate scenes. Assign a budget, let us know a bit about who will enjoy it, and a theme (unless you'd like it to be a surprise to you, too), and we'll build an experience in just a few hours. Take down can then be in as short a turn-around as you'd like, and we can organize more than the design, as we also offer unique gift ideas and staycation planning. 

Blanket & Pillow Fort

Tropical  Hammock Scene


Components of a tropical hammock scene made of sourced goods for a couple that had to cancel their rugged trip to Mexico: hammock and canopy, pillows, quilt throw, patio rug, astroturf, battery-powered fairy lights, enlarged, mounted and wire-punch-hung grad school plans secretly given by her man in advance because he wants to "lay and discuss her ideas," stacked camping wine cups, crystal cups as well with campagne and drinking water, camping books, glow-in-the-dark stars, cheesy inspiration books, camping socks, chocolate, candles, tropical prints, mistletoe (it was winter), lanterns, banana pencil cases filled with products of her favorite essential oil, face masks, moon water, a jigsaw puzzle, butterfly post-its, markers, and flowers. The hammock, stand and canopy were sent from an online store, but the rest was purchased the day-of from stores within five blocks of their apartment.

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