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Let's dive in!

For a tips-'n-tricks chat over the phone or via e-mail, simply get in touch to discuss!  If you live in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, an in-person home visit is the most fun.

Always affordable, always worth it.

"Annie's inventive use of space and super cheap and simple addition suggestions have changed the way I use everything in my kitchen. The office, too. She's also a therapist - the bedroom feels more me, and she's a pro at calling out what isn't needed. Such a refreshing de-clutter, and I love having people over just to hear them gawk at the way things are stored inventively up the walls! Same comments every time."

                                                                                     Jamille, Los Angeles

"My parents came to visit and joked they were in the Botanic Gardens. Thanks for the houseplant tips, A, I didn't think I had room or a green thumb. Knock on wood, but you were right, this ceiling jungle is going crazy by itself."

                                                                                     Sean, Brooklyn

"Definitely doing a closet blitz with Annie at least once a year. Much easier than it seems, and actually really fun."

                                                                                     Carole, Chicago

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