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Apartment Therapy: Annie's "Shire" Cottage Built by Charlie Chaplin

AirBnB is a great way to showcase your design sense to those with discerning taste searching for a fabulous house or cozy experience. I've moved often over the years, and even if I wasn't available to run my various homes as BnBs, I made a listing for each and indefinitely blocked off the calendar to bookings (sorry AirBnB, but you started a great thing and I got clever with it). Case in point, Apartment Therapy has gotten in touch multiple times about featuring different aspects of my (very) DIY pads... I had the luck to rent a cottage built by Charlie Chaplin in the '20s (more than one of them, in fact, the first being a three-bedroom with friends that looked like a humble cathedral inside, the interior all white washed with soaring A-framed ceilings, huge stained glass window scenes, turret bedrooms and old wooden charm; this cottage here was across the courtyard from that initial Chaplin love affair). And of course anytime I was out of town, the rent got paid mighty quick with BnB stays.

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