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The Barn

on West Ridge

Whole Property on 3 Acres


3 Acres of Meadow & Lawn    4,000 Sq Ft    30-ft Ceilings    Woodburning Stove    Wide Wood Plank Floors    6 Bedrooms      4 Bathrooms    4 Living Rooms    2 Kitchens    3 Dining Rooms    2 Offices    Fast WiFi    Grand Piano    Upright Piano    Smart-Home Vocal Command Hubs    Projectors + Theatre Screens    Apple TVs    Guitars    Record Players    Pool Table    Dart Board    Board Games    Lawn Games    Books    Literary Collections    Outdoor Bonfire w/ Seating    Epic Fireflies    Wildflowers    Hammock    Bikes    Canoes (2)    Dog Bowls    Radiant Floor Heating    Baseboard Heating    Living Room Air-Con    Bedroom Air-Con    Ceiling Fans    Bedside Fans    Google Smart Speakers (Every Room)    Apple Home Pod Speaker    Bedroom Desks    Humidifiers    Yoga Mats    Pack-'n-Play    High Chair    Stair Guard    Baby Bath Basin    Local Dog Sitter    Refrigerators and Freezers    Vintage Bar Station    Antique Ice Box Storage    Microwaves    Stoves    Ovens    Dishwashers    Toasters    Novelty Kitchen & Bar Tools    Bed Linens and Down Comforters    Wool Blankets    Down-Allergen Comforters    Towels    Robes    Slippers    Fold-Out Single Cots (8)    Sleeper Couches (6)    Bathtubs    Showers    Hair Dryers    Chargers    Shampoo    Conditioner    Castile Soap     Body Wash    Toothbrushes    Toothpaste    Toilet Paper     Paper Towels    Pillows    Hangers   Iron + Board    BBQ (Gas)    BBQ Tools    Outdoor Table & Chairs    Coffee Beans    Coffee Grinders    Instant Coffee    Espresso Pods    Espresso Machines    Drip Coffee Stacks    Coffee Makers    Bulk Coffee Percolator    Coffee Thermoses    Electric Kettles    Plates    Bowls    Serving Trays    Coasters    Linen Napkins    Placemats    Pots + Pans (Chef Sets)    Cooking + Eating Utensils    Water Glasses    Wine Glasses    Cocktail Crystal    Baking Sheets    Blenders    Food Processors    Rice Maker    Spices    Oat Milk     Sweeteners    Tap Water Filter    Oils    Vinegars    Salt    Pepper    Candles    Cleaning Products   Hand Vacs   Smart Vacs    Smoke Alarms    Carbon-Monoxide Detectors    First Aid Kits    Fire Extinguishers

PHOTOS | The Barn
REVIEWS | The Barn

This family has magic about them. I'm a repeat renter of all of her spots for staycations and quick getaways, and am continually amazed at how she finds them, or rather how they find her. This barn deserved her, and her it! Brava, as always, for yet another marvel.

- Emily, New York

This home strikes the perfect balance of glam and cozy, I felt like royalty at a well-kept hunting palace. The "smart features" were wow'ing, too, what a combo of modern and functional against old-world charm. I could move in and never leave.

- Todd & Family, New Jersey

There is no place like The Barn, and I feel lucky to have found it. Thank you for everything and we so look forward to being able to return!

- Jodie, New York

Could we have found a cooler spot? And in such good hands, the way it is styled and kept is just stunning. A true diamond.

- Jared, Pennsylvania

All I'll say is please put me high on your list of people to call if you should ever be selling.

- Jenny, New York

Incredibly well worth the drive, and the welcome was just spectacular. What a dream of a stay this was!

- Hilary, North Carolina

If I were to get married again, I'd do it here. My wife and I are jealous of those who have yet to, and we're so glad to here that can happen at the barn. So generous of this family to share this space as it's clearly meant to be.

- Max, Hudson

The tub(s), the coffee, the kitchen(s), even down to the robes and slippers and linens, all-in-all a wildly underpriced stay for its perfection. For what the rates are in Orange County for simply a spare room at an inn, this is beans for gold. Really pretty mindbending, and I'll be very much spreading the word.

- Beth, New York City

I know this will never be possible, because why would this family spend their own Christmas anywhere else, but my children would be over the moon for the fantasy of holidays here, should you ever be in the mood to rent! We can't stop daydreaming.

- Helen, New Hampshire

The best way to encapsulate my feelings in having to leave: Can I host a yoga retreat? Please say yes.

- Jess, Warwick

I couldn't have asked for a better or smoother celebration. I felt proud to hear the reactions of people walking into the barn for the first time, and when it came time to retire, sleeping spots were pulled out like a clown car with everyone feeling well hosted and comfortable. I am so so grateful that this place exists, this town should celebrate it, though I want to keep it a total secret to myself! I can't wait to return for a calmer revisit with the place to myself, if ever a viable option. 

- Angela, Warwick

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